Coffee Service

Hot drinks for clients and employees

Nothing starts a day off better than a fresh cup of rich, savory coffee or tea. And that little pick-me-up in the afternoon can make all the difference in the world.

Add a little energy boost to your workplace with Executive Cleaning & Supply's deluxe coffee service, featuring everything you'll need to offer delicious coffee any time of the day.

By offering a coffee service at your office or workplace, you are adding value to your staff by potentially saving them hundreds of dollars spent on coffee from designer coffee shops. And you can increase productivity by saving lost production time.

Have a coffee maker but need the supplies? No problem. Need a complete coffee service? We can handle that, too. All coffee service supplies are available on a vendor-managed inventory based upon client needs.

Executive Coffee Features

  • Lacas, Ellis, and Folger's brand coffee and tea products
  • Individual creamers, sugar and sweetener packets
  • Filters, cups, and stirrers
  • Single-pot pre-packaged pouches
  • Reliable Bunn coffee equipment

Coffee for every palette!

Executive Coffee can be ordered to meet your various tastes and needs. From regular brew and decaf to deluxe flavors, Executive has partnered with some of the best coffee suppliers in the nation.

Amaretto Royale
The perfect dessert coffee, smooth, with a pleasant aftertaste.

Chocolate Raspberry
Rich chocolate and pure raspberry produce a classic European combination.

French Caramel Creme
Just like your favorite caramel candy.

French Vanilla
Simply one of our best, excellent coffee full of rich vanilla flavor.

Macadamia Nut
Indulge with the rich gourmet flavor of pure macadamia nut.

Southern Pecan
Extremely pleasant nutty aroma and taste.

Vanilla Nut Cream
An aromatic and warm combination of rich cream, vanilla, and hazelnut.